Live Inputs. Many laptops have cam, the like laptop computers it’s usually the very first alternative.

Real time inputs will appear into the re Sources loss.

Additionally any USB webcams you have got linked will appear automagically.

To utilize a real time feedback, just pull it from the record on a clip slot that is empty. It shall turn into a video as you are able to trigger and eject. Like regular films, you can easily alter its properties, use impacts with other layers on it, and composite it.

Capture Devices

To rise above the basic principles of the cam, you should use a capture product. Capture products may be found in all sizes and shapes. Most are outside cardboard boxes that connect via USB or Thunderbolt, some should be built directly into your personal computer.

A capture product will need a video that is regular like HDMI, SDI or composite, and transform it to pixels that Resolume may use.

it is possible to link a broadcast that is proper via SDI into the capture product. You’ll be able to make use of the input in Resolume to down dating create PIPs or process that is further picture.

Needless to say you are able to link a pc’s production via HDMI, and employ it to show another output that is VJs or perhaps a presenter’s Powerpoint presentation.

On a Mac, video clip capture works via AV Foundation. For a computer, we utilize DirectShow. This means if your capture product with quick capture programs like Quicktime X, OBS or Skype, it is expected to work with Resolume.

Native Capture Help

Regardless of with the system capture system, Resolume has also support that is native a few labels of capture products. This implies you can get quality that is maximum minimal latency.

Indigenous assistance ensures that Resolume gets the picture straight through the product. It generally does not need to be processed by the computer system’s Central Processing Unit very first. Missing this task implies that the wait between feedback and production is a reduced as you possibly can.

Exactly exactly exactly How reduced latency is low latency? That varies according to the quality, framerate, the bond kind, the unit as well as your computing devices. For products linked via PCIe or Thunderbolt, you may expect anything in 60ms-100ms range on 1080p60. For USB3.0 products, 80ms-120ms is a great ballpark figure.

Suggestion! Zero latency is really a pipe-dream. You’re going to get the latency that is lowest by linking your digital camera right to the show unit. Also then, your screen equipment will introduce a small little bit of latency.

We support capture products from

  • Blackmagic
  • Datapath
  • AJA

Local help implies that you need to use several products during the exact same time. In the event that unit aids multiple inputs, you should use dozens of inputs during the time that is same.

When your product aids it, Resolume will autodetect the bond, quality, shade area and framerate it really is presently utilizing.

In case your unit will not support autodetect, you need to enter these things manually. Take into account that this is certainly a science that is exact when your capture configurations do not precisely suit your supply configurations, your capture unit isn’t going to do much.

Extra Options

Previously card that is y have certain alternatives for that card. Resolume will endeavour to create these instantly whenever we can.

Some choices are maybe maybe not automated and are also as much as individual option. All interlaced resources can be de-interlaced to repair jaggies.

Blackmagic and AJA cards allow you to specify along with area and number when it comes to feedback, that will help with visitor VJs that don’t learn how to set their particular HDMI black level properly.

AJA will allow you to determine the foundation of the genlock sync, and also exactly just how frames that are many need to keep buffered.


Local assistance will not suggest we are able to magically produce a capture unit do things which it can not.

Whenever having troubles with a computer device, the thing that is first always check is whether or not the company’s own computer pc software can precisely begin to see the feedback. If it will not appear here, you’re probably giving an unsupported video clip signal.

For-instance, Blackmagic wants transmitted requirements indicators, and when your origin is certainly not giving precisely the proper quality and framerate, it may disregard it entirely.

Only 1 application at a right time have access to a capture unit, therefore, be sure you switch off all the other pc software that may access a computer device, prior to trying your feed in Resolume.


Magewell is really a company that is chinese makes quite popular capture devices, plus they operate in Resolume via DirectShow on PC or AVFoundation on Mac.

We would want to include support that is native Magewell products. Regrettably, Magewell doesn’t have a solitary sdk that works on each of their products, so we cannot include indigenous assistance until they are doing.

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