Histology and Histopathology would be the analysis of diseases and injury to the tissues of the human body. Histology studies the histological changes that have happened in various areas of the body over an elongated time period. As an example, a death records at a very important sign ; a death certificate in death records. That is only one example of this information recorded by means of a Histologist.

Why is this important ? Well, if we are to discover causes of specific diseases, for instance, Sarcomatoid Arteriosclerosis (the reason for Alzheimer’s disease), we have to look at the histological record. We know that Alzheimer’s is a disease of aging. On the other hand, the reason for age is unknown. If we could learn the beginning of the disease, then we might be able to stop it or slow its progression. We may even be able to restore a few of our physiological functions.

What does a Histology document tell us? Well, for starters, it will show you the typical cellular functions of the human body. It will document any abnormalities that it finds. Gene abnormality are available.

It will monitor the nutritional status of the Journal of Histology amp Histopathology body. A healthy body can fight against disease and illness easier and quicker than a body that is malnourished. A bad body is predisposed to illness because it is not able to get the necessary nutrients. This may lead to more serious ailments down the road.

Finally, it is going to appraise current treatments for ailments. Research shows that if patients visit a doctor for a disease they think could be terminal, only 60% of the people who actually have the disease undergo the recommended therapy. However, suppose that the individual actually has a cure for the disease ? Will the physician allow it to be administered or will he execute the recommended therapy ? Histology can answer these questions as well.

So what are you waiting for? The minimum age for someone to acquire a PhD is 21. You may also study abroad if this is exactly what interests you. You might even elect to perform post-graduate work in your field of selection. Histology can open doors for all those who have a passion to make the planet a better place and also help those who suffer from a disease such as cancer.

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