Choice regarding the Board of Selectmen

A. The Board of Selectmen may reject the application form, may accept the applying, or may accept the program with reasonable conditions to acceptably protect the public health insurance and security.

In the event that license is authorized with reasonable conditions, these conditions can include, but re not restricted to, unique conditions for:

a) Sanitation facilities. b) protection, crowd, and sound control. c) Off-street traffic and parking control. d) Service of water and food. ag ag e) crisis medical facilities and fire security. f) minimal size of area when it comes to festival. g) elimination of trash and litter resulting from event.

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C. Whatever the case in the case of the granting of the license, a relationship will be published in a quantity specified because of the Board of Selectman adequate to produce sufficient safety for compliance by the applicant with all the regards to the conditions imposed by the license, if any; to reimburse town for the expense of satisfying any conditions perhaps not seen by the applicant; the price of any Court procedures necessitated by non-compliance therewith; and also for the price of fix of every injury to general public home. ادامه مطلب …