Dog design is fantastic for a quickie each morning or even for some enthusiastic amount of time in the bath.

Regarding great intercourse jobs, it is not necessarily about fancy techniques and aerobics. In reality, occasionally the old classics will probably be your most useful asset when you look at the bed room, particularly them to the next level if you have a couple of tricks up your sleeve to take. Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggy design, and Spooning: in the event that you believed they certainly were run-of-the-mill opportunities, Durex has arrived to show usually.

In this essay we explore the ‘cherry at the top’ among these sex that is classic; the way the correct range of condoms, adult sex toys, lubes, and customizations may bring brand new amounts of closeness and satisfaction to you personally as well as your lover, without the need to bust out a complete brand-new guide of intercourse roles.


Missionary the most regular intercourse roles, and sometimes receives the ‘vanilla’ label given that it’s therefore generally utilized – maybe it absolutely was even very first place you ever really tried. For all partners, Missionary is called the standard, as well as that explanation, it could be technical plus some of this closeness and spark may get lost.

Nonetheless, Missionary can be filled with deep penetration energy, because of the included intimacy-factor of face-to-face contact. ادامه مطلب …