Now I have to operate everything from my phone which is hit and miss at best. For some reason when I launch the Sonos app it knocks out the wifi connection and says it is unable to connect to Sonos. After several minutes of fiddling around it will suddenly start playing for no apparent reason. Sometimes I’m lucky and both speakers might work but very often only one will play with the other remaining silent.

  • You can subscribe to Sonos Radio HD through your account from the Subscriptions page.
  • Note that this process is different depending on the speaker.
  • You will receive credit for each eligible product you choose to upgrade.
  • I would suggest uninstalling the Sonos S1 app and re-open the Sonos S2 app and please choose to connect to the existing system.
  • Adjust the volume, group speakers to play in sync, save favorites, set alarms, customize settings, and more.

Was all working fine and now it just won’t connect. @m_a_r_t_j_n @Sonos Recently I am experiencing constant problems with the app connecting to my system via my iPhone. I can’t surely have to keep on rebooting my wifi, which seems to be the only thing that works. I’m guessing, however, that these tweets all on deaf ears. You can now use the Trade Up service without bricking your old device – allowing you to pass it on to a family member, sell it or even still use it with the older system software. If you don’t want to continue to use your affected Sonos devices in future, you can opt to utilise the company’s Trade Up program instead.

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It’s also warned that newer devices may stop receiving updates if they remain connected to older ones that are affected. Electronics company Sonos is to stop sending software updates to older speakers and other devices from May, meaning they will lose “some functionality” over time. It’s sparked anger among many Sonos owners – if you’re affected, here’s what’s happening and what you can do about it. If you have a wireless speaker system that consists of a mixture of old and new devices, Sonos says there are four things you could do.

Using a Bridge is still the best way to connect your Sonos players, and in some cases, some systems will still need the Bridge. The new software update is for new customers only – it is aimed at taking the confusion out of setup and to keep the start-up cost low. If you already have your system set up, you are hopefully enjoying the Sonos experience, and have had no problems setting up your system. Port is the successor to Connect, delivering richer sound and extending Sonos’ sound platform to your traditional home audio equipment. Port includes an updated digital-to-analog converter for clearly detailed sound and a 12V trigger, which automatically turns on your amplifier to more reliably initiate playback. Port also allows you to control content using Apple AirPlay 2 and features a versatile design compatible with a standard AV rack.

A Guide To Sonos, The Wireless Speaker System That Lets You Control Music In Every Room Of Your House At Once

Sonos’ Mission Statement is to play ‘all the music on Earth’, so you’ll find a whole host of streaming services at your disposal. Scroll to Settings, select My Services, then hit ‘Add another account’ to see the services at your disposal. You will need a premium subscription on services such as Spotify and Tidal in order to hear them on Sonos. If, for any reason, you still feel that your speakers are no longer fit for purpose, there may be actions you could take under the Consumer Rights act. Sonos speakers are certainly not immune to going wrong, see this article and, like anything else, you’ll sometimes need to do a good old-fashioned reset.