A non-dominant, cushioned, really horizontal help 6 is sustained by the middle bracket device


An device for intercourse is constructed of basically tubular product and a cushioned platform and chair connected to the tubular framework. The device, become marketed commercially as the “DO-ME Chair”™, is shown generally speaking in FIG. 1 The device 1 has kept 2 and appropriate 2′ tubular, arcuate inverted supporting that is u-shaped, which form the framework. The left 2 and appropriate 2′ arcuate legs are linked close to the apex or center for the arc with a center bracket shown generally speaking at 3. This center bracket 3 consists of straight bracket leg parts 4 linked at their ends to a horizontal leg bracket part 5. The top of portions regarding the leg that is vertical 4 are attached to the arcuate supporting legs 2 and 2′ as shown. The framework includes a mind end 20 and a seat end 21, as shown on FIG. 1.

A non-dominant, padded, really horizontal help 6 is supported by the middle bracket device 3.

The non-dominant flat help 6 includes a hip end 17 and a mind end 18, as well shown on FIG. 3. The hip end 17 is adjusted to receive the pelvic and hip section of the non-dominant sexual activity partner, although the mind end 18 is adjusted to get your head for the non-dominant partner. This padded help 6 comprises a firm base, and it is made from roughly two ins of foam plastic and a cover that is decorative.

The pinnacle end 18 regarding the non-dominant support that is flat is additionally supported by a non-dominant cushioned support brace 7. The opposite ends of brace 7 are linked to kept 2 and right 2′ arcuate supporting legs nearby the mind end 20 as well shown in FIGS. 1 and 3

the pinnacle component 18 of this non-dominant flat help 6 is linked to and supported by the non-dominant help brace 7.

Even though the non-dominant support that is flat is built to offer the non-dominant partner during intimate functions, supply normally designed for the principal intimate partner become seated for a principal cushioned chair 8. This principal cushioned chair 8 is shown in Drawing FIGS. 1 through 3. The chair 8 is padded when you look at the favored embodiment. So that you can facilitate the work of intercourse, as well as other check sex functions, two pairs of footrests are offered regarding the apparatus. Supine place base rests 9 are found close to the principal seat that is padded and generally are linked to left 2 and appropriate 2′ arcuate legs, correspondingly, close to the seat end associated with the unit. Each footrest 9 is situated in a way that the non-dominant intercourse that is sexual can sleep her legs and section of her weight regarding the footrests.

In a few other types of sexual conduct, it really is desirable to own footrests situated close to the center for the non-dominant support that is flat.

A couple of upright place footrests 10 are attached to the left and right supporting legs, correspondingly, and so are situated close to the center associated with the non-dominant support that is flat. Each one of these footrests is linked, correspondingly, to kept 2 and appropriate 2′ arcuate legs as most useful shown in FIGS. 1 and 3. An upper handrail support 11 is attached to the top of the arcuate legs 2 and 2′ near the center bracket 3 in order to facilitate various acts of sexual conduct. This handrail help 11 is arcuate fit. The reduced ends 19 associated with the handrail 11 are attached to the arcuate feet 2 and 2′ nearby the center bracket 3. The arcuate handrail 11 is linked at an oblique angle 19 as well shown in FIG. 2.

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